An Agent-Based Modeling Simulation Toolkit

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In 1998 Lustick and Dergachev began collaborating to produce the ABIR (Agent-Based Identity Repertoire) model, and then (over a period of two years) the first, beta releases of PS-I-the platform from which many different kinds of models, including different versions of ABIR, can be produced. From the outset, executable program files, for both ABIR and PS-I, have been made available on the web for free download. In addition, complete documentation for ABIR and PS-I, along with the source code for PS-I have been and are freely available to the programming community at the ABIR and "Source Forge" websites.  At Source Forge download the installation file for "Most Recent Experimental Versioin."

PS-I: Access information, read project status, and download the toolkit**

ABIR: Download

The non-technical user-the user with no programming skills--can use ABIR, and PS-I, to build and execute sophisticated models of substantial academic and policy interest.  Full documentation, written for non-programmers with no background in computational modeling, is readily available and may be downloaded here:

PS-I manual: Download


Users can access the power of PS-I in two ways: through graphical interfaces specialized for particular families of models, or through the powerful scripting language provided. To use the scripting language to run batches of runs with particular models and record desired in Excel files one needs only to be able to supply simple expressions. With the graphical interfaces, users can produce models and observe and record data in particular runs simply by understanding the meanings of different parameter settings and typing desired values in dialogue boxes. The program does the rest.........

** Follow the link to read Steven Livingstone's (The University of Queensland) evaluation of PS-I