Family and Personal Interests

Given that I've just arrived, I've been enjoying exploring
Philadelphia. I've been aided in that project by the local junior
IR crew of Mike Horowitz, Jessica Stanton, and Dom Tierney, none
of whom have gone to the trouble of assembling a web page.

My family includes a number of people with interests more interesting
than mine. I can point you to my brother's web site as a starter. In
addition to having several somewhat unusual hobbies, he's half
the reason why, despite being 6'2" tall, I'm only median height for
my family. The rest of my family tends toward the hard sciences side
of things, so I'm definitely not at the median on everything. You can
also check out my Mom's site, which will be useful if you're looking
for syllabi for certain chemistry or biochemistry courses. You can find
out a certain amount about my Dad from his faculty posting here,
but frankly I think this posting tells you more about him. My sister, for
all her wonderful qualities, remains elusive as far as Google is concerned.

For anyone interested in how I waste my time, I have to admit that I'm
fairly proud of this. Other ways in which I waste time (piano, reading,
basketball), while easier to film, aren't particularly interesting to watch.