Shira Pindyck

Ph.D. Student in International Relations

Shira Pindyck is a PhD Candidate in Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania. Her dissertation research focuses on the relationship between innovation and gender. She is interested in how rapid advances in mechanization, robotics, and automation are transforming the way militaries operate, and how they affect the landscape of military engagement more broadly. She is particularly concerned with the relationship between these changes and gendered hierarchies within military organizations. Her research extends from historical case studies of medical innovations, to the experiences of drone pilots, to large-N analysis of the participation of women in militaries world-wide. She holds an M.A. in Government from the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) in Herzliya, Israel. From 2013-2015 she worked at the Herzl Center at Haifa University on an analysis of counterterrorism policymaking, and conducted research at IDC on public opinion and the content and tone of newspaper coverage.