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February 2010: "Extremist Outbidding in Ethnic Party Systems is Not Inevitable: Tribune Parties in Northern Ireland", a paper co-authored by Paul Mitchell (LSE), Geoffrey Evans (Oxford) and Brendan O'Leary (University of Pennsylvania) has won the Harrison Prize for best paper published in Political Studies in 2009 (volume 57, issue 2 pp.397-421). Political Studies is the flagship journal of the United Kingdom's Political Studies Association.

Rupert Taylor has just published a book, entitled Consociational Theory: McGarry and O'Leary and the Northern Ireland Conflict, Routledge, 2009, a symposium of critical and friendly chapters, devoted to Professor O'Leary's work with his colleague Professor John McGarry. The collection is preceded by a lengthy statement by McGarry and O'Leary, and concludes with their reply to the 16 contributions which discuss their work. 

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The Penn Program in Ethnic Conflict was created in 2007 to advance research, education, practice, and policy-relevant study in ethnic group conflict and political violence.  The mission of the Program is to sustain and enhance the efforts of social scientists to identify the origins, trajectory and impact of violent intergroup struggles.  Original research and findings are employed to devise workable strategies addressing the most intractable conflicts with innovative public policy solutions.  These solutions target institutions and practices that provoke ethnopolitical violence, including the assessment of constitutional design, state strategies, and applied policies that eliminate, regulate, or resolve conflicts of ethnicity, nationality and/or identity.













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