Political Science Workshops

The Penn Political Science Workshops have been running since 1999. The intent of the workshops is to bring energetic scholars engaged in substantively interesting and methodologically varied projects in the fields of comparative politics, American politics, political theory and international politics to a Penn audience. While the workshops have occasionally brought speakers to present previously published work, for the most part we target research in progress. Thus, the workshop serves the function of providing the Political Science community at Penn with a glimpse of scholarly endeavors at different stages of the research process, while at the same time offering our visitors feedback in the form of often vigorous exchanges on the presented work. 

Details for upcoming workshops are available in the Events section of the department webpage.

Workshops typically runs from 12:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. and, unless otherwise indicated, all the talks are held on Thursdays in the Forum of Perelman Center for Political Science & Economic, located in the 2nd floor of the building, at 133 South 36th St. A light lunch is provided.

Program Directors:

Comparative Politics Workshop: Rudra Sil and Dawn Teele

American Politics Workshop: Marc Meredith

Political Theory Workshop: Jeff Green

Browne Center for International Politics Workshop: Ed Mansfield