Requirements for PSCI Minors

Minors and Joint Minors

Students may minor in Political Science, International Development, Survey Research & Data Analytics, American Public Policy, or European Studies.  All courses must be graded and must receive a grade  of C- or above. For students who minor in more than one of these, no more than three courses may be double-counted between two minors. 


The Political Science Minor

A minor in the discipline consists of six political science courses. All six courses must be rostered in the political science department; no "major-related" courses are accepted. One of these must be an “introductory” course, chosen from among: PSCI 0100 (previously PSCI 110), PSCI  0101 (previously PSCI 116), PSCI 0200 (previously PSCI 130), PSCI 0400 (previously PSCI 150), PSCI 0600 (previously PSCI 180) or PSCI 0601 (previously PSCI 181). No more than two courses may be transfer credits. All six courses must be graded. Students majoring in programs of which Political Science is an integral component (i.e., International Relations; Philosophy, Politics & Economics) may not double count more than three courses toward the Political Science minor. A minor should be declared by informing the College Advisor, and meeting with the Associate Director to set up a worksheet.


The International Development Minor

The International Development minor is intended for students who wish to complement their primary area of study with an interdisciplinary focus on complex social problems associated with international development. The minor is composed of six courses. All six courses must be graded. At least three must be in Political Science, and no more than three may be from another department, to be selected in consultation with the Associate Director of the Undergraduate Program.  No more than 3 courses can count both toward a student’s major and the International Development minor. See here for a list of political science classes that have been pre-approved for the International Development minor: /sites/default/files/Courses%20fulfill%20the%20International%20Development%20minor.xlsx 


Survey Research and Data Analytics

The Survey Research and Data Analytics minor is intended for students who wish to complement their primary area of study with an interdisciplinary focus on using data and survey methods for conducting research and evaluating programs, policies, and outcomes in the social sciences.  The minor is comprised of six courses--all of which must be graded. Students must satisfy at least one requirement in each core competency listed below. The final three elective courses are intended to provide students an opportunity to engage with a particular interest area. 

For more information on the SRDA minor, see


American Public Policy / Business ​Economics & Public Policy 

The Department also offers a joint minor in American Public Policy with the Business Economics and Public Policy (BEPP) Department of the Wharton School.  The minor requires six courses, three from each department, to be selected from the list below:

PSCI: 0200 (previously PSCI 130) (mandatory) ​and any two other American Politics subfield courses. See here for a list of political science classes that have been pre-approved for the minor: /sites/default/files/Course%20fulfill%20American%20Public%20Policy%20minor%20.xlsx

BEPP: 2010 (mandatory) and any two other BEPP courses


European Studies Minor

European Studies is an interdisciplinary minor that educates students to understand European Union institutions, the history and cultural context of their development. 

  • Provides valuable knowledge about the European Union – the world’s second largest economy and a unique experiment in peacemaking and regional government
  • Supplements a wide variety of majors
  • Enables language learners to broaden European studies credentials

Requirements (6 C.U.s total)
  • Core Course (1 C.U.)

            PSCI 1171  The European Union 

  • European History (1 C.U.s)

            One Course from List

  • Language  (2 C.U.s) 

            Two Courses Beyond Requirement in Any Non-English European Language

  • Elective Courses (2 C.U.s)

            Two Courses in Any Field (See List or by Advisor approval)

  • Study Abroad 

            Transfer up to 3 C.U.s from Any European Study Abroad Program

While the European Studies Minor does not have double-counting limits, other majors and minors may, so please consult with the advisors of all of your academic programs if you would like to double-count a course between programs.

Advisor: Mitchell A. Orenstein, Professor, Department of Russian and East European Studies and Political Science and Director, European Studies Institute,, Williams 745

Manager: Bess Davis, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies, Department of Political Science,