Sound Politicks

Sound Politicks is the official Undergraduate Journal of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania.  It is published annually and covers a wide range of political topics.  The journal is a non-profit publication and is edited and published by Penn students.  Sound Politicks accepts submissions year-round from undergraduates of any class or major.  All submissions should be double-spaced, include footnotes, and be no longer than 4,000 words in length.  Submissions and all other inquiries should be e-mailed to  Please "like" Sound Politicks on Facebook at


2021-2022 - Co-Editors in Chief: Vanessa Dib and Claire Ochroch

2017-2018 - Editor-In-Chief: Michael Torcello

2016-2017 - Co-Editors-in-Chief: Jordan Rosman and Kate Samuelson

2015-2016 - Editor-In-Chief: Jordan Dannenberg

2013-2014 - Editor-In-Chief: Jonathan Messing

2012-2013 - Editor-In-Chief: Jonathan Messing

2011-2012 - Editor-in-Chief: Abigail Hathaway

2010-2011 - Editors-in-Chief: Sonya Sackner-Bernstein and Raquel Finkelstein

2009-2010 - Editor-in-Chief: Susan Luo